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This is the GE 4-Button Keyfob. The keyfob enables you to turn the sytem on before exiting and off before entering the home or to turn on the siren and call the central monitoring station if there is an emergency. If lamp modules have been installed, you can use the keyfob to turn system-controlled lights on or off.

The Keyfob is a lithium coin battery-powered, wireless keyfob designed to fit on a keychain, in a pocket, or in a purse. It provides a convenient option for the following system operations.

Arm the system (doors, windows, and motion sensors) Arm the system with no entry delay (if programmed) Disarm the system Trigger panic alarms Turn system-controlled lights on or off, optional Open the garage door (if programmed), optional

**Keyfob may vary. Be sure to inquire when purchasing your system.