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Theft Protection

A burglary occurs every 11 seconds somewhere in America.
49% of all Burglaries occur during the day.
13% of all Break-ins result in a confrontation between the homeowner and a burglar.
33% of all Robberies result in a victim being assaulted and/or injured.
Homes equipped with a Monitored Alarm system are up to 300% less likely to be burglarized.

Parts Guarantee

Only state of the Art User-Friendly Equipment manufactured by a name you can trust is installed

Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate

Peace of mind is knowing that your security system will not fail when you need it most. That's why we only use G.E. brand equipment.

The average yearly home insurance premium in the U.S. costs over $800. The good news is that many plans offer discounts up to 20% on home insurance for homes with security systems. You could save $14 or more per month on your insurance with a GE home alarm system. A wireless GE home security system is one investment you can't afford to ignore.

Guaranteed Locked in Security Monitoring Rates

Guaranteed Locked in Security Monitoring Rates