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Wireless door and window sensors are the most common piece of home security equipment. They are interchangeable and can be used as a door sensor or as window alarm sensors. When an intruder opens any door or window, the sensor detects the change and triggers the alarm.

The NX-454 Micro Door/Window Sensor is the smallest sensor of its kind and it fits easily in the palm of your hand. It was made to meet consumer demand for a less “obvious” security sensor. The sensor is only 1.75" long by .875" wide by .50" high - or 84% smaller than the standard door/window transmitter which is typically bulky and noticeable.

The supervised, wireless sensor is for residential and commercial use. It detects the opening and closing of doors, windows, drawers, or just about anything that opens or closes. The sensor and magnet are mounted using double-sided adhesive tape (included) making it perfect for applications with limited space. Patented ITI Learn Mode technology makes the Micro Sensor quick and easy to install. The sensor is given a unique identification code at the factory, eliminating sensor programming. And like all wireless sensors, it sends battery and status signals to the security system’s control panel. That way, users are reassured that the it is working correctly. The sensor is powered by a 3 VDC, lithium coin-cell battery (CR2032) with an estimated life of 5 years. The battery can be replaced by the installer or user. The Micro sensor also has a built-in power-saver feature and is white in color.

Here is a recap of the Features –

*Model may vary. Be sure to inquire when purchasing your system.